Al, Michael and James on a recent trip to San Pablo Bay (Pump House area) 

Text from Coastside Fishing Club Forum -Tuna Out the Gate 9/25 - Mike set the auto pilot for the northern tip of Gumdrop. A lot of life past the Light Bucket with birds and whales. Past the south Farallon's the water was glassy calm, so they could see a good distance away. After passing the shelf about halfway between the island and Gumdrop they spotted foamers. Started with 4 trolling rods but ended up with a major tangle. Went to two rods with Madmacs.

Caught there first with a Madmac going 15 mph 200 yds back. Continued to make big circles because of the bait and foamers. Had a short strike, and while they were at idle the tuna came within casting distance to the boat. The second boated tuna was caught on a lure with 60 braid and 60 top shot. Took 1 hr to bring in. It ended being 4 people on the boat, but they had enough after 2. Never left the area until they left at 12:30 pm.